Nominee's NameNominated AwardCollege/School
Chanel GomezAdvisor of the YearCASE
Francis PinoNew Advisor of the YearCASE
Michelle DonosoExcellence Advising First-Year Students CEC
Elaine HodgeExcellence Advising Special Populations COB
Carmen SchenckExcellence in Career AdvisingCEC
Evonne PalominoExcellence in Professional DevelopmentCASE
German CruzAdvising Most Valuable PartnerOffice of the Registrar
CASE BBC AdvisorsAdvising Innovation CASE
Kaleena SalgueiroSignificant Impact on Advising CommunityHTM
Judy EcheverriaLourdes Acevedo Professional DevelopmentCOB


Nominee's NameNominated AwardCollege/School
Gina BretosAdvisor of the YearCOB
Stephanie N. GomezNew Advisor of the YearCASE
Sanjay DhawanExcellence Advising First-Year Students HTM
FIU Bridge AdvisorsExcellence Advising Special Populations TTS
Rochelle PattenExcellence in Career AdvisingCARTA
Raquel VallecilloExcellence in Professional DevelopmentCASE
Orientation and Family ProgramsAdvising Most Valuable PartnerStudent Affairs
Maria WalkerAdvising Innovation ACS
Charlie AndrewsSignificant Impact on Advising CommunityASA
Jennifer AguiarLourdes Acevedo Professional DevelopmentCOB


Nominee's NameNominated AwardCollege/School
Cory Fairfield Advisor of the YearCARTA
Nancy BonnyNew Advisor of the YearCARTA
Marina MarchenaExcellence Advising First-Year Students CASE
Melissa Silveira Excellence Advising Special Populations COB
Stephanie AlberExcellence in Career AdvisingCASE
Rafael MenesesExcellence in Professional DevelopmentCASE
College Life Coaching ProgramAdvising Most Valuable PartnerACS
Bernadette ChungAdvising Innovation CARTA
Raquel VallecilloSignificant Impact on Advising CommunityCASE
Michelle FieldsLourdes Acevedo Professional Development CARTA


Nominee's NameNominated Award
Sanjay DhawanAdvisor of the Year
Christina MoussaNew Advisor of the Year
Alison PiattExcellence Advising First-Year Students
Kettia RomageExcellence Advising Special Populations
Juliette Saint Louis Excellence in Career Advising
Giovanna TelloExcellence in Professional Development
Luis J RodriguezAdvising Most Valuable Partner
Valerie MorganSignificant Impact on Advising Community


Nominee's NameNominated AwardCollege/School
Sheila Jenkins BooneAdvisor of the YearStempel
Sonssire TapanesNew Advisor of the YearCASE
The Office of Retention & Graduation SuccessSignificant Impact on Advising CommunityAIM
Christie MurataExcellence in First-Year AdvisingCASE
Ruth MonteroExcellence in Transfer Student AdvisingCASE
Melissa RosadoExcellence in Career AdvisingHTM
Alina DominguezExcellence in Professional DevelopmentCASE
STEMCon 2017Advising InnovationCASE
First-Year ProgramsAdvising Most Valuable Partner (MVP)ACS


Nominee's NameNominated AwardCollege/School
Cynthia PerezAdvisor of the YearCASE
Giovanna TelloNew Advisor of the YearUE
Linda LaraSignificant Impact on Advising CommunityCASE
Kristin TyburczyExcellence in First-Year AdvisingSIPA
Tamara RousseauExcellence in Transfer Student AdvisingCASE
Natasha WedderburnExcellence in Career AdvisingCEC
Craig McGillExcellence in Professional DevelopmentCASE
Hospitality & Tourism Management Academic Adivsing CenterAdvising InnovationHTM
Gabriel Lindo-ArdilaAdvising Most Valuable Partner (MVP)TTS


Nominee's NameNominated Award
Margie LeonardAcademic Advisor of the Year
Adrienne YuenNew Academic Advisor of the Year
Hazel HookerSignificant Impact on Advising Community


Nominee's NameNominated Award
Andrea GreenAcademic Advisor of the Year
Stephanie SotoNew Academic Advisor of the Year
Jacqueline DiazSignificant Impact on Advising Community


Nominee's NameNominated Award
Maria RosadoAcademic Advisor of the Year
Shimon CohenNew Academic Advisor of the Year
Graduation Success Initiative TeamSignificant Impact on Advising Community


Nominee's NameNominated Award
Walter MaldonadoAcademic Advisor of the Year
Marcia ValenzuelaNew Academic Advisor of the Year


Nominee's NameNominated Award
April LewisAcademic Advisor of the Year


Nominee's NameNominated Award
Kenton HarrisSignificant Impact on Advising Community


Nominee's NameNominated Award
Hugo JimenezSignificant Impact on Advising Community