CUAA subcommittees are appointed by the Chair as needed. The Chair can appoint standing or temporary subcommittees. These subcommittees may include University members not in CUAA, but must also include CUAA members. Subcommittees serve as an advisory body to CUAA.

The following subcommittees are:

  • Awards – Giovanna Tello, Co-Chair and Raquel Vallecillo, Co-Chair
    Reviews the award nominations and presents at the Fall Forum and Spring Conference
  • Bylaws – Helen C. Gonzalez, Chair
    Reviews the CUAA bylaws and makes recommendations
  • Campus Partnerships – Sophie Braga de Barros, Co-Chair and Brenda Luna, Co-Chair
    Help foster relationships between advising and the various campus resources available for students
  • Forum and Conference Planning – Joselyn Naranjo, Chair
    Helps in the planning and preparation for Fall forum and Spring advisor conference.
  • OnlineLaura Cruz, Co-Chair and Jennifer Sheran, Co-Chair
    Recommend best practices for online advising.
  • Policy and Procedures – Natalie Rollan, Co-Chair and Artem Zastoupailo, Co-Chair
    Work with Enrollment Services and other university stakeholders that deal with policies and procedures affecting students and the advising community
  • Professional Development and Advising Best Practices – Maria Walker, Co-Chair and Cory Fairfield, Co-Chair
    Develop internal professional development opportunities for advising
  • Technology – Kaleena Salgueiro, Co-Chair and Helen C. Gonzalez, Co-Chair
    Responsible for gathering feedback and having discussions at the advisor level on the various technological tools the advising community utilizes
  • Transfer – Kenia Perez, Co-Chair and Elizabeth Carrillo, Co-Chair
    Recommends best practices for advising transfer students, develops common protocols and guidelines for working with transfer students, advocates for the transfer student population